Redefining Fitness
For Older Adults

Fitness programs for older adults of any age, ability, or fitness level. 

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Meet Reyna

My name is Reyna Maria, and welcome to the Reyna Maria Movement! 

My mission is to transform the way we approach fitness for older adults and provide access to fun, modern, and effective programs that will improve your physical and mental well-being. I offer a variety of programs that will help you live a more healthy, purposeful life and keep you active, at any age! 

What to Expect

 Reyna Maria Movement is a complete exercise and wellness plan that focuses on all areas of physical fitness and mindfulness techniques. This program will not only make you feel stronger, but by combining physical fitness with intentional wellness practices, you are going to completely transform the way you feel, from the inside out. Whether you are an experienced exerciser, a new beginner or are simply looking to create some healthy habits, Reyna Maria Movement is the program for you.

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Improved Physical Fitness

Reyna Maria Movement has a variety of options to help you get started on a fitness routine. Weather you are interested in personal training, virtual training or a combination of both, expect to drastically improve your health through specialized programs that focus on all the key areas of physical fitness. 

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Break Down Aging Stereotypes

One of the biggest hurdles we face as we age is believing that our bodies are incapable of physical activity. I dismantle that belief by giving you workouts that were created specifically for older adults that will help you succeed instead of feeling discouraged and allow you to reach your full potential, at any age. 

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Mind-Body Connection

Reyna Maria Movement not only focuses on physical fitness but puts a large emphasis on mindfulness practices. In order to have a healthy body, you must first have to have a healthy mindset and I provide  the tools to help you strengthen your mind-body connection, break down limiting beliefs and create lasting results.

Working Out at Home
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Virtual Training
Personal Training
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What My Clients Are Saying

Reyna is a delight, her classes are always varied, her verbal instructions are easy to follow and her demonstrations are perfect in every way

- Martin, former group fitness client.

“Whether you are an experienced exerciser, a new beginner, or are simply looking to create healthy habits, Reyna Maria Movement is the program for you”